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The page you are viewing has information about vaccination, protection and testing in many different languages.
And the Lower Saxony State Government also provides a wealth of information relating to the coronavirus: (German only)


Where can I find more answers to questions about COVID-19 and vaccination?

There are many sources you can turn to for support and advice – for instance, medical practices, many clubs, associations and institutions, local government offices or migration advisory centres.
And almost certainly from your friends, your neighbours and your colleagues at work.

Ask questions and talk about what concerns you.

Our measures to get us all back to a normal way of life:

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COVID-19 vaccines are the best way to safeguard against serious illness and the best chance of protecting yourself, your family and those around you from a severe case of the infection!

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Get protected

Unfortunately, it is possible to contract and transmit the virus despite being vaccinated. This is why you should continue to observe the familiar rules concerning hygiene and behaviour.

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If you are unaware that you have been infected with the virus, you can transmit it to the people around you, your family and your friends. This is why regular testing is so important.

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This is where you can find more information about COVID-19 / coronavirus vaccination, recommended protective measures and testing.

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